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aespa ์—์ŠคํŒŒ 'Long Chat (#โ™ฅ)' Universe

YGOSU | 2024-05-16 10:59:20 | ์กฐํšŒ : 40 | ์ถ”์ฒœ : -

aespa's 1st album "Armageddon" will be released on May 27th, 6PM (KST).

aespa's "Supernova" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
๐ŸŒŸ 'Supernova' MV

aespa Official

#aespa #LongChat #Armageddon
#์—์ŠคํŒŒ #รฆspa #aespaArmageddon
aespa ์—์ŠคํŒŒ 'Long Chat (#โ™ฅ)' Universe โ„— SM Entertainment

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